October 2011

Latest Fashion glass buttons on card

Glass buttons on illustrated card made in Czechoslovakia c. 1920s. Year: c. 1920s Designer: Manufacturer: Latest Fashion (?) Source: Allie C.


Grand Hotel V. Beneš luggage label

Luggage label advertising The Grand Hotel in České Budějovice. Year: c. 1930s (?) Printer: Lit. Em. Starý, Prague Source: Tom Schifanella


Typ no. 5 magazine cover 1948

The typ journal was published in Prague and aimed at the printing industry in Czechoslovakia in the first half of the last century. Year: 1948 Designer: Publisher: Source: Jennifer Kennard


2nd Summer Spartakiad of Allied Armies matchbox labels 1962

Series of Czechoslovak matchbox labels promoting the 2nd Summer Spartakiad of Allied Armies in 1962. Year: 1962 Designer: Vili Weinzettel Manufacturer: Solo Lipník Source: Oliver Tomas


Tatra 603 advertising brochure 1959

French language export brochure for the Tatra 603. Printed in Czechoslovakia. Year: 1959 Designer: Publisher: MÍR Praha (?) Source: Allen


Hotel Murom advertising postcard

Advertising postcard for the Murom Hotel in Most, Czechoslovakia. Year: c. 1980s Photographer: Publisher: Press Foto Publishers Source: Felix O


Orieta chocolate packaging

The paper wrapper of Orieta, coffee-flavored chocolate. Printed in red, green, gold and brown inks. Manufactured by Orion chocolate factory. Year: mid 1960s Designer: Manufacturer: Orion Source: Goran Patlejch


Hotel Národní Dum Olomouc luggage label

Luggage label advertising Hotel Národní Dum in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia. Year: c. 1960s (?) Printer: Source: Tom Schifanella


Orbis travel editions matchbox labels 1961

Czechoslovak matchbox label series advertising travel editions by Orbis Publications. Year: 1961 Designer: Source: Oliver Tomas


The Golden Voyage of Sinbad movie poster by Olga Fischerová 1977

Czechoslovak movie poster for The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (Zlatá Sindibádova Cesta). Year: 1977 Designer: Olga Fischerová Source: KlaatuCarpenter


Czechoslovak physics textbook 1958

Cover of fysika v úlohách (Physics through exercises) textbook from Czechoslovakia, 1950s. Year: 1958 Designer: Author: Zdeněk Vaňouček Publisher: The State Educational Publishing House, Prague Source: Goran Patlejch


Hviezda Hotel Prievidza luggage label

Luggage label advertising Hviezda Hotel in Prievidza, Slovakia. Year: c. 1960s (?) Printer: Source: Tom Schifanella

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