Železný Brod handmade glass vase by Miroslav Klinger

Handmade Železný Brod glass vase by Miloslav Klinger in Czechoslovakia. Year: c. 1960s Designer: Miroslav Klinger Manufacturer: Železný Brod Glassworks / Železnobrodské Sklo (ZBS) Source: Daniel


Koh-i-noor staples packaging

Box of office staples with simple constructivist, no-nonsense graphics: silhouette of a stapler (with a staple strip in place) and the product ID number. KIN stands for Koh-i-noor factory. Year: circa 1970s Designer:…


Elka porcelain set by Jaroslav Ježek 1957

Award winning Elka porcelain set designed by Jaroslav Ježek in 1957 for the ’58 Expo in Brussels. Year: 1957 Designer: Jaroslav Ježek Manufacturer: Source: Wikipedia


Table alarm clock by Prim

Table alarm clock with  floating rectangular face manufactured by Prim. Year: c. 1950s Designer: Manufacturer: Prim Source: Jiri Bures


Prim table clock with brass frame

Table clock with black plastic face and brass hands and frame manufactured by Prim. Year: c. 1960s Designer: Manufacturer: Prim Source: Jiri Bures


Bakelite table lamp

Bakelite table lamp  with adjustable head and glass shade. Year: c. 1950s Designer: Manufacturer: Source: Jiri Bures


Prim plastic wall-mounted clock

Blue plastic wall clock produced by Prim. Year: c. 1960s Designer: Manufacturer: Prim Source: Jiri Bures


Karlovarsky Porcelain tea service: Aurelia 1960

Porcelain tea set in Aurelia style produced by Karlovarsky Porcelain. Year: 1960 Designer: Jaroslav Jezek Manufacturer: Karlovarsky Porcelain Source: Jiri Bures


Koh-i-noor snap fasteners packaging

Set of vintage Koh-i-noor snap-fasteners, made for the Dutch market by the Czechoslovak company Waldes (renamed Koh-i-noor in 1939 after it’s leading brand). Year: c. 1930s (?) Designer: Manufacturer: Koh-i-noor Source: Goran Patlejch


Koh-i-noor tin box and steel pins

Koh-i-noor steel pins and tin box Year: c. 1950s (?) Designer: Manufacturer: Koh-i-noor Source: Alpha Designer

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