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Magnolia large format camera by Meopta

Meopta Magnola 13-18cm folding plate large format camera. Manufactured in Czechoslovakia by Meopta between 1949 and 1953. Year: c. 1949-53 Designer: Manufacturer: Meopta Model: Magnolia Source: Bogdan


Velo free wheel clutch packaging

Czechoslovakian bicycle spare parts packaging, apparently designed for export in the ’50s. The clutch was purchased some thirty years later, but the design had remained virtually unchanged for decades. If it’s not broken,…


100 Korun paper currency 1951

Czechoslovak paper currency. Year: 1951 Designer: Karel Svolinský Engraver: Ladislav Jirka Printing method: Engraving Source: Flickr


Elka porcelain set by Jaroslav Ježek 1957

Award winning Elka porcelain set designed by Jaroslav Ježek in 1957 for the ’58 Expo in Brussels. Year: 1957 Designer: Jaroslav Ježek Manufacturer: Source: Wikipedia


Czechoslovak Airlines (ČSA) stamp series 1957

Czechoslovak Airlines (ČSA) stamp series advertising routes to Paris, Moscow, Cairo, Damascus and Beirut. Year: 1957 Designer: František Hudeček Engraver(s): Bedřich Housa, Bohdan Roule Printing process: photogravure Source: Flickr


Efekta model camera by Druopta

The Efekta was manufactured around 1950 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. It’s made of Bakelite and takes 6 x 6 cm exposures on 120 film. Produced in black with white knobs and reddish-brown with ivory-colored…


Table alarm clock by Prim

Table alarm clock with  floating rectangular face manufactured by Prim. Year: c. 1950s Designer: Manufacturer: Prim Source: Jiri Bures


Bakelite table lamp

Bakelite table lamp  with adjustable head and glass shade. Year: c. 1950s Designer: Manufacturer: Source: Jiri Bures

Jawa brochure 1953

Jawa and CZ motorcycle brochure 1953

Jawa and ČZ motorcycle advertising brochure. Year: 1953 Cover design: František Kardaus Publisher: Mototechna Source: John Lloyd

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