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14th World Highways and Bridges Congress postage stamp 1971

Postage stamp promoting the 14th World Highways and Bridges Congress in 1971. Year: 1971 Designer: Vladimír Kovářík Engraver: Jaroslav Goldschmied Source: Oliver Tomas


60th anniversary of Czechoslovak independence postage stamp 1978

Postage stamp commemorating the 60th anniversary of Czechoslovak independence (1918-1978). Year: 1978 Designer: Vincent Hložník Engraver: Josef Herčík Source: Oliver Tomas


Illustrated horsemen postage stamp series 1972

Postage stamp series illustrating horsemen from 18th and 19th century tiles or enamel paintings on glass. Year: 1972 Designer: Bedřich Housa Engraver(s): Source: Oliver Tomas


Škoda 120 L advertising postcard 1976

Czechoslovak postcard promoting the Škoda 120 L produced between 1976 and 1990. Year: late 1970s Photographer: Publisher: Source: Alden Jewell


Panorama Resort Hotel, Štrbské Pleso

Press Photo from 1970 featuring the Panorama Hotel Ski Resort in Štrbské Pleso, Czechoslovakia. Year: Architect: Photographer: Source: Christopher and Tonna Jackson Alexander


Inter-Sputnik postage stamp by Ivan Strnad 1974

Postage stamp commemorating the first satellite communications ground station in Czechoslovakia – Inter-Sputnik. Year: 1974 Designer: Ivan Strnad Engraver: Josef Herčik Printing method: Engraved and photogravure Source: Oliver Tomas


From Asclepius’ Workshop designed by Miroslav Habr 1970

From Asclepius’ Workshop cover design with silhouettes of tools by Miroslav Habr. Year: 1970 Designer: Miroslav Habr Publisher: Source: Goran Patlejch


Hotel Ski advertising postcard

Promotional postcard for Hotel Ski near Nové Město na Moravě. Year: 1970s (?) Publisher: Source: Mister Benz


Škoda 110R advertising postcard

Czechoslovak postcard promoting the Škoda 110R produced between 1970 and 1980. Year: c. 1970s Designer: Publisher: Source: Mister Benz


20 Korun paper currency 1970

Czechoslovak 20 Korun banknote. Year: 1970 Designer: Karel Hruška Engraver(s): Jan Mráček, Miloš Ondráček Printing method: Engraving Source: Admin


The Golden Voyage of Sinbad movie poster by Olga Fischerová 1977

Czechoslovak movie poster for The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (Zlatá Sindibádova Cesta). Year: 1977 Designer: Olga Fischerová Source: KlaatuCarpenter


Koh-i-noor staples packaging

Box of office staples with simple constructivist, no-nonsense graphics: silhouette of a stapler (with a staple strip in place) and the product ID number. KIN stands for Koh-i-noor factory. Year: circa 1970s Designer:…

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