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ČKD ČME 3 diesel locomotive brochure

Selections from a brochure for the ČKD ČME 3 diesel locomotive. Year: [?] Designer: Publisher: ČKD Praha Source: Robert Kubica


Czechoslovak personal delivery stamp 1946

Personal delivery stamp with floral motif from Czechoslovakia. Year: 1946 Designer: Printing process: photogravure Source: Oliver Tomas


5th anniversary of the destruction of Lidice postage stamps 1947

Postage stamps commemorating the 5th anniversary of the destruction of Lidice. Year: 1947 Designer: Karel Svolinský Engraver: Jindra Schmidt Printing process: engraving Source: Oliver Tomas


Photographic postcard Green Frog Thermal Bath, Trenčianske Teplice 1936-7

Photographic postcard of the Green Frog thermal bath in Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia. Year: 1936-7 Architect: Bohuslav Fuchs Photographer: Ludovít Absolon Source: Rafael Cazorla


Hotel Na Stráži advertising luggage label

Luggage label advertising the Hotel Na Stráži in Hojsova Stráž, Czechoslovakia. Year: 1960s (?) Designer: Printer: Source: Tom Schifanella


Photographic postcard Machnác Sanatorium, Trenčianske Teplice 1930-32

Photographic postcard of the Machnác Sanatorium in Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia. Year: 1930-32 Architect: Jaromír Krejcar Source: Rafael Cazorla


Photographic postcard Trade Fair Palace, Prague 1924-8

Photographic postcard of the Trade Fair Palace in Prague. Year: 1924-8 Architect(s): Oldřich Tyl and Josef Fuchs Source: Rafael Cazorla


Folk songs for kindergarten record cover

Record album cover design for a collection of folk songs for children. Year: c. 1950s-60s Designer: Publisher: Supraphon Source: Goran Patlejch


Museums in Czechoslovakia matchbox label series 1964

Uncut matchbox label sheet illustrating museums from different parts of Czechoslovakia. Year: 1964 Designer: Vili Weinzettel Manufacturer: Solo Lipník Source: Oliver Tomas


20th anniversary of the February Revolution postage stamps 1968

Two stamps commemorating the 20th anniversary of the February Revolution. Year: 1968 Designer: Josef Paukert Engraver: Ladislav Jirka Source: Oliver Tomas


14th World Highways and Bridges Congress postage stamp 1971

Postage stamp promoting the 14th World Highways and Bridges Congress in 1971. Year: 1971 Designer: Vladimír Kovářík Engraver: Jaroslav Goldschmied Source: Oliver Tomas


Tatra T 12 advertising postcard 1928

Czechoslovak postcard promoting the Tatra T 12 produced 1926-33. Year: c. 1928 Photographer: Publisher: Source: Alden Jewell

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