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Fashionable Buttons glass buttons on card

Glass buttons on illustrated card made in Czechoslovakia c. 1920s. Year: c. 1920s Designer: Manufacturer: La Mode (?) Source: Allie C.


Koh-i-noor pencil set and packaging

Pencil set and packaging for Koh-i-noor, Czechoslovakia. Year: Designer: Manufacturer: Koh-i-noor Source: Gertie


Barum hot water bottle packaging

Detail of rubber hot water bottle packaging from the 1980s. Manufactured by Barum, a Czechoslovakian rubber-producing company. Year: c. 1980s Manufacturer: Barum Source: Goran Patlejch


Latest Fashion glass buttons on card

Glass buttons on illustrated card made in Czechoslovakia c. 1920s. Year: c. 1920s Designer: Manufacturer: Latest Fashion (?) Source: Allie C.


Orieta chocolate packaging

The paper wrapper of Orieta, coffee-flavored chocolate. Printed in red, green, gold and brown inks. Manufactured by Orion chocolate factory. Year: mid 1960s Designer: Manufacturer: Orion Source: Goran Patlejch


Velo free wheel clutch packaging

Czechoslovakian bicycle spare parts packaging, apparently designed for export in the ’50s. The clutch was purchased some thirty years later, but the design had remained virtually unchanged for decades. If it’s not broken,…


Koh-i-noor staples packaging

Box of office staples with simple constructivist, no-nonsense graphics: silhouette of a stapler (with a staple strip in place) and the product ID number. KIN stands for Koh-i-noor factory. Year: circa 1970s Designer:…


Koh-i-noor snap fasteners packaging

Set of vintage Koh-i-noor snap-fasteners, made for the Dutch market by the Czechoslovak company Waldes (renamed Koh-i-noor in 1939 after it’s leading brand). Year: c. 1930s (?) Designer: Manufacturer: Koh-i-noor Source: Goran Patlejch


Koh-i-noor tin box and steel pins

Koh-i-noor steel pins and tin box Year: c. 1950s (?) Designer: Manufacturer: Koh-i-noor Source: Alpha Designer

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