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Laterna Magika Prague

Laterna Magika theatre tickets 1987

Laterna Magika black light theatre admission tickets, August 1987. Year: 1987 Designer: Source: Simon K


10 Korun paper currency 1960

Czechoslovak 10 Korun banknote. Year: 1960 Designer: M. Medvecká Engraver(s): Ladislav Jirka, B. Fojtašek Printing method: Engraving Source: Oliver Tomas


100 Korun paper currency 1961

Czechoslovak paper currency: 100 Korun. Year: 1961 Designer: Engraver(s): Jan Mráček, Jindra Schmidt, Ladislav Jirka Printing method: Engraving Source: Paul Carrington


Red Army soldier stamp series by Leo Gajdzica 1945

Czechoslovak stamp series in three denominations featuring a Red Army soldier. Year: 1945 Designer: Leo Gajdzica Printing process: lithography Source: Oliver Tomas


50 Korun paper currency 1987

Czechoslovak paper currency: 50 Korun. Year: 1987 Designer: Albín Brunovský Engraver: Václav Fajt Printing method: Engraving Source: Paul Carrington


100 Korun paper currency 1951

Czechoslovak paper currency. Year: 1951 Designer: Karel Svolinský Engraver: Ladislav Jirka Printing method: Engraving Source: Flickr


International Pharmaceutical Congress stamp series by J. Lukavský 1971

Stamp series by Jaroslav Lukavský on the occasion of the International Pharmaceutical Congress held in 1971. Year: 1971 Designer: Jaroslav Lukavský Engraver(s): Ladislav Jirka, Bedřich Housa, Miloš Ondráček Printing method: photogravure Source: Flickr


Czechoslovak Airlines (ČSA) stamp series 1957

Czechoslovak Airlines (ČSA) stamp series advertising routes to Paris, Moscow, Cairo, Damascus and Beirut. Year: 1957 Designer: František Hudeček Engraver(s): Bedřich Housa, Bohdan Roule Printing process: photogravure Source: Flickr


World Youth Federation conference in Prague 1947

Stamp series advertising the World Youth Federation conference in Prague, July 20 – Aug. 17 1947. Year: 1947 Designer: Josef Liesler Engraver: Jindra Schmidt Printing process: engraving Source: Oliver Tomas


Škoda 1964 brochure cover by František Kardaus

Škoda brochure cover by František Kardaus. Year: 1964 Designer: František Kardaus Material: paper Source: John Lloyd


Hotel International Brno advertising postcard 1963

Promotional postcard for Hotel International Brno, Czechoslovakia. Year: 1963 Photographer: Source: Flickr

prague tram ticket 1948

Prague tram ticket 1948

Prague tram ticket, 1948. Year: 1948 Designer: Source: Felix O  

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