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Mountain Climbing Rescue Service postage stamp 1957

Year: 1957 Designer: Rudolf Klimovič Engraver: Bedřich Housa Printing method: engraving Source: Oliver Tomas


Czechoslovak independence stamp series by Jindra Schmidt 1945-7

Sixteen-part postage stamp series commemorating three key figures of the Czechoslovak independence movement: Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, Edvard Beneš and Milan Rastislav Štefánik. Of the sixteen, twelve are engravings and four photogravures. The designs…


Inter-Sputnik postage stamp by Ivan Strnad 1974

Postage stamp commemorating the first satellite communications ground station in Czechoslovakia – Inter-Sputnik. Year: 1974 Designer: Ivan Strnad Engraver: Josef Herčik Printing method: Engraved and photogravure Source: Oliver Tomas


Space exploration stamp series by Jaroslav Lukavský 1967

Czechoslovak postage stamp series depicting space exploration designed by Jaroslav Lukavský. Year: 1967 Designer: Jaroslav Lukavský Engraver(s): Bedřich Housa, Ladislav Jirka, Josef Herčík, Jindra Schmidt Source: Oliver Tomas


International Archery Championships postage stamp 1957

Czechoslovak postage stamp promoting the 1957 International Archery Championships. Year: 1957 Designer: Jan Černý Engraver: Jan Mráček Source: Oliver Tomas


32nd International Motorcycle Race postage stamp 1957

Czechoslovak postage stamp depicting the 32nd International Motorcycle Race in 1957. Year: 1957 Designer: Zdeněk Brdlík Engraver: Jan Mráček Source: Oliver Tomas


Red Army soldier stamp series by Leo Gajdzica 1945

Czechoslovak stamp series in three denominations featuring a Red Army soldier. Year: 1945 Designer: Leo Gajdzica Printing process: lithography Source: Oliver Tomas


International Pharmaceutical Congress stamp series by J. Lukavský 1971

Stamp series by Jaroslav Lukavský on the occasion of the International Pharmaceutical Congress held in 1971. Year: 1971 Designer: Jaroslav Lukavský Engraver(s): Ladislav Jirka, Bedřich Housa, Miloš Ondráček Printing method: photogravure Source: Flickr


Czechoslovak Airlines (ČSA) stamp series 1957

Czechoslovak Airlines (ČSA) stamp series advertising routes to Paris, Moscow, Cairo, Damascus and Beirut. Year: 1957 Designer: František Hudeček Engraver(s): Bedřich Housa, Bohdan Roule Printing process: photogravure Source: Flickr


World Youth Federation conference in Prague 1947

Stamp series advertising the World Youth Federation conference in Prague, July 20 – Aug. 17 1947. Year: 1947 Designer: Josef Liesler Engraver: Jindra Schmidt Printing process: engraving Source: Oliver Tomas


Czechoslovak aircraft stamp series by J. Lukavský 1967

Series of postage stamp designs by Jaroslav Lukavský featuring Czechoslovak aircraft. Engraved by Josef Herčík in 1967. Year: 1967 Designer: Jaroslav Lukavský Engraver: Josef Herčík Printing method: photogravure Source: Oliver Tomas


WWII Czechoslovak military heroes stamp series 1945

Stamp series dedicated to the  Czechoslovak military heroes of World War II. Series dates from 1945 and consists of 16 unique denominations. Eight individual engravings feature: Staff Captain Ridky (British Army), Dr. Miroslav…

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