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Škoda 120 L advertising postcard 1976

Czechoslovak postcard promoting the Škoda 120 L produced between 1976 and 1990. Year: late 1970s Photographer: Publisher: Source: Alden Jewell


Electric locomotive 230 “Laminátka” 1966

Electric locomotive designed by Otakar Diblík and mass produced by Škoda Plzen. Nicknamed “Laminátka” on account of its smooth fiberglass exterior. Year: 1966-7 Designer: Otakar Diblík Manufacturer: Škoda Plzen Source: Petr Štefek


Škoda 110R advertising postcard

Czechoslovak postcard promoting the Škoda 110R produced between 1970 and 1980. Year: c. 1970s Designer: Publisher: Source: Mister Benz


Liberecké Automobilové Závody (LIAZ) advertisement

Export market advertisement for LIAZ featuring 100.05 and 100.45 model trucks. Year: c. 1980s Designer: Manufacturer: Liberecké Automobilové Závody (LIAZ) Source: Ivan G.


Tatra 603 advertising brochure 1959

French language export brochure for the Tatra 603. Printed in Czechoslovakia. Year: 1959 Designer: Publisher: MÍR Praha (?) Source: Allen


Czechoslovak Airlines (ČSA) luggage label

Czechoslovak Airlines (ČSA), Prague luggage label Year: c. 1950s (?) Printer: Source: Tom Schifanella


Zetka brochure cover by František Kardaus 1935

Cover of 10th anniversary brochure for Zetka automobiles. Features illustrations of Zetka models 4, 5 and 6. Year: 1935 Designer: František Kardaus Publisher: Source: Flickr


CKD T478.4 diesel locomotive brochure

Selections from a brochure for the ČKD T478.4 diesel locomotive. Year: [?] Designer: Publisher: ČKD Praha Source: Robert Kubica


Czechoslovak Airlines (ČSA) stamp series 1957

Czechoslovak Airlines (ČSA) stamp series advertising routes to Paris, Moscow, Cairo, Damascus and Beirut. Year: 1957 Designer: František Hudeček Engraver(s): Bedřich Housa, Bohdan Roule Printing process: photogravure Source: Flickr


Škoda 1964 brochure cover by František Kardaus

Škoda brochure cover by František Kardaus. Year: 1964 Designer: František Kardaus Material: paper Source: John Lloyd


80 year anniversary of Auto Škoda postcard 1980

Advertising postcard celebrating the 80th anniversary of Auto Škoda. Photo depicts the Škoda 110R juxtaposed with an early model Škoda. Year: 1980 Photographer: Source: Alden Jewell

prague tram ticket 1948

Prague tram ticket 1948

Prague tram ticket, 1948. Year: 1948 Designer: Source: Felix O  

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